Back to work...

As some of you may know, as well as doing my jewellery I also work with horses. It’s been really tough to be away from them all for the last couple of months (but it was absolutely the right thing to do in the current circumstances) However, today I went back 🥳 it was so good to be around them again, they are truly in my blood I’ve missed them so much! 

if you follow me on Instagram, you will have already seen me post about this, but horses are like therapy for me. Many times I’ve had a frustrating drive into work for whatever reason and gone into a stable still carrying that bad energy and I’ve seen a horse react to me- not being able to understand that that bad energy isn’t directed at them. It makes me instantly stop and take a breath and relax, reassuring the horse it has nothing to do with them and apologising! 


They are the perfect balancer, constantly teaching us so many lessons, teaching us to be better people. There’s an amazing video in YouTube called ‘Wild horses and Wild men’ which documents a prison in Arizona that takes wild horses and turns them into horses that are able to be rehomed as ridden horses. 

Horses don’t judge, so they don’t care what thing you may or may not have done to end up in prison, but what they will do is teach you that anger, fear and intimidation will get you nowhere- but patience love and trust will earn you everything. The transformation in the inmates that were involved was amazing and I can totally understand why! 

In other jewellery news, I have posted what work I have outstanding (including the ‘minis’) to the Assay Office now it has reopened so I will have more stock available soon, and also rings in a size Small! Finally!

I hope everyone is doing ok, much love ❤️

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