#blackout Tuesday

Following on from #blackouttuesday, I wanted to come on and share some of my feelings.

I have always found racism,in any way, abhorrent. Standing up against it whenever I have heard it -the media and social media-where people have been given platforms to speak and share those views, has disgusted, saddened and infuriated me..but I understand that simply being upset isn’t good enough. 

In all honestly,I find it hard to know what to say or articulate how I am feeling at the moment and I know there are a lot of people right now all saying the same sort of things (mostly much better than I am) but I do know that this has been a moment where I will never go back to my old way or thinking. I will continue to do better.

I understand that now is the time to truly educate ourselves, to take responsibility for what we have been turning a blind eye to. 
I keep seeing it said that it is no longer enough to be ‘anti racist’ and I am going to make sure that from this moment on I will be more than that. I will educate myself, I will show up, I will do the work to fully understand what I can do to help facilitate change. 


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