A name we have all become familiar with in the last few weeks!

i hope everyone is keeping well and sending love to anyone that has been struck with Covid or their loved ones ❤️

Its a whole new world we are all navigating, but as hard as it has been it’s been refreshing to remember the things that are the most important and realising they’re not all the same things that were important before all of this. 

My sincere thanks to everyone who is working tirelessly to keep us going and safe. Doctors, nurses, retail workers, delivery drivers..the list goes on and I have so much gratitude to you all!

Finally to my customers, although work has invariably slowed down I appreciate everyone who is supporting this little business during this tough time, even if you’re just finding yourself on the website for a 5 minute distraction! 
Enter FREEDEL at checkout for free delivery and there’s also 10% off everything on the website  (automatically subtracted at checkout)

Thank you ❤️ and stay well ❤️