There will now sadly be extra charges to customers buying my jewellery within the EU. I'm really sorry for this and i really wish there wasn't, but now we are here i thought i'd better just explain to everyone what this will mean.

Now the UK has left the European Union, VAT will now be charged to European customers. It is the sole responsibility of the European customer to pay this tax and the price of this will depend on the normal VAT rate in the customers country. There may also be additional costs set by the individual countries as per their import policies- if the value of the delivery is over 135 Euros then the EU customer will have to pay VAT, a handling charge and a customs fee.

These charges will be collected by the courier before they will deliver your order- this is generally done via email where you can pay for the extra charge online.

I must point out that any delay in payment, or non payment will result in your order being returned to me and the customer will be responsible for any charges that occur from that return.

Always check your own countries VAT rates for any changes, but as i write this they currently are:

Sweden, Denmark- 25%

Greece, Finland - 24%

Portugal- 23%

Italy- 22%

Ireland, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands- 21%

Austria, France- 20%

Cyrpus, Germany- 19%

Luxembourg- 17%