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  • Inspired by Antlers

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Behind The Brand...

Back in 2016 i saw a quote- ' Create the things you wish existed' and the idea for my antler jewellery began. It took nearly three years for the designs i had in my head to make their way out and into reality! Launching in 2019, I now have a collection i'm really proud of.

Sustainability is the driving force behind my designs, i only use recycled Silver and ethically sourced gemstones to create jewellery that is designed to last, not to be 'fast'.

I don't mass produce my jewellery so it's only made in small quantities at a time. If it's available online then it is ready to send. I will be releasing small amounts of out of stock items throughout the year in drops. You can sign up to my newsletter to be the first to know when restocks are happening and get exclusive access to the website when they go up.

Whenever I can I also love to create abstract art and mini prints. Follow me on Instagram for updates or check back regularly to see what's available.

The Mini Collection is back in stock.

Shop The mini antlers

One Of A Kind Gemstone Mini Antlers.

Shop The Mini Gemstone Antlers

Dare To Be Different

The Ultimate Statement Pieces

Designed for people who like their jewellery to be different. From one off Gemstone designs to the classic Maxi pendants, there's something special for everyone.

Shop now while stocks last and sign up to my newsletter to be the first to know when out of stock items are back in.

Customer Reviews

“I love my Earrings! They're a great weight and really make me feel extra glam when i have them on. I love how unique they are. They're really special, thank you!”

Gemma, Cheltenham

“I am so delighted with my Antler Pendant! The detail is amazing and it always gets noticed and talked about everytime i wear it.”

Sarah, London

“My mini is perfect! I've wanted one for ages and was so excited to get one on my Birthday! I'll wear it with pride, thank you.”

Nikki, London

“ This month I purchased the Mini Silver Antler necklace.I had not expected what arrived.It was Stunning,so much detail. I have had the occasion to wear it already and had so many comments/ compliments.I am finding myself looking forward to matching my outfit to my necklace rather than the other way round.Breathtaking detail on the Antlers.Looking forward to matching another piece soon.”

Caroline, Birmingham

Gift card

Looking for something for someone special? A gift card for my jewellery is the perfect idea!

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Effortless Style

Explore the collection to find your next piece. The Antlers are the perfect statements- from the understated but powerful Minis and Rings to the bold and striking Pendants and Earrings, this collection will effortlessly take you from daytime to evening.

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