I often get asked why I designed this collection and the answer reminds me of one of my favourite quotes; “Your jewellery has the power to introduce you before you’ve even said a word”.

To me, antlers represent both strength and fragility. When I was working on the initial design concepts for the collection it was important that this was visible and so you’ll notice that as part of the antler design the tips are polished. These polished antler tips against a more textured body of the antler creates the visual representation that the antlers have been through some ups and downs in life and are slightly flawed as a result. Yet they remain intact and strong and beautiful, just like 'real' antlers.

 Each piece is hand finished with care. Each piece is unique, distinctive. Each piece tells its own story – your story. The collection was born because I couldn’t find anything like this in on the market. I love this style and as unique pieces of wearable art I hope you will too.

Forever a creative, i also love to make and create original pieces of abstract art and mini prints when i have time. Follow me on Instagram for updates on anything new, or check back regularly for new pieces for sale.