Jewellery Care

When you are not wearing your jewellery, i strongly recommend that it is kept in a dark and dry place - ideally the jewellery box that your piece came with!

Precious metals can easily be affected by chemicals such as perfumes, body lotions and sun creams. Putting on your jewellery once you have finished dressing will minimise the effects of these chemicals. Any item that is plated will wear off over time with wear but harsh chemicals will speed this process up, so avoid using anything close to your jewellery.

As a natural material, silver reacts with its environment, especially the chemicals in the air and, over time, it can become tarnished. Skin (your natural ph levels) and also hair products can react with Silver causing it to tarnish, discolour and possibly corrode. I strongly advise applying any cosmetics and scents before you put on your jewellery to help minimise a reaction.

Using a Silver dip solution might be beneficial for cleaning Silver items if they become tarnished.

To brighten up your jewellery after wearing it, simply polish it with a microfibre polishing cloth or a specialist gold polishing cloth.