Autumn is here! A new season brings new changes to Grace Butler Jewellery

Autumn is here! A new season brings new changes to Grace Butler Jewellery

Woohoo, my favourite season has arrived! Although this week has felt more like the height of summer, but i have dusted off my cosy knitwear and i am sooo ready to snuggle up in some oversized jumpers and get the boots back out!

So i wanted to give you a heads up on some decisions i’ve been making recently. If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know that making my jewellery is a part time thing for me and during busy times it can get a bit hectic to be fitting everything in!

At the moment there is very limited amounts online (1 or 2 of pretty much everything) so once they have sold out, i am going to be focusing on working on smaller amounts of everything and releasing them in drops, most likely monthly to being with.

My limited edition Gemstone collections will remain available until they are sold out. I will have space to take on two commissions a month so if there is something you want and it is unavailable online then please message me as it might be possible to make something for you! I don’t want anyone to miss out but i’m also realising that i need to manage my time a lot better so that i can actually enjoy some time off without the worry of needing to be working all the time!

You will be the first to know when a drop is coming, i will send an email out the day before and give you access to the website an hour before it goes live to everyone else. I don’t want to have to mention the C word but here we are…with Christmas incoming fast if there’s something you would like then i’d let your loved ones know that they’re going to have to look out for when a drop is coming- i still haven’t figured out yet whether i will make a selection of my collection available or just do drops of Mini Antlers and then Pins etc. 

I’m going to add a waitlist button to the website so i can get an idea of numbers and hopefully make enough for everyone who wants one- but it will depend on how much time i have to make. Thank you as always for your ongoing support it means the world to me! If you have any questions then please let me know!

Grace xx

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