Black Friday..

Black Friday..

Hey everyone! 
So it’s Black Friday season, I have to admit it’s not my favourite week of the year. There’s so much pressure on small businesses to ‘keep up’ with the big sales that bigger business can do, and I simply can’t (as much as I’d love to!) 

I don’t inflate the price of my pieces to allow for big flashy sales as it just doesn’t seem fair!

However, I have decided to try something different this year and every week offer a little discount on each part of my collection! 

For one week (27November-4th December) you can get 20% off my Mini collection, just put MINI20 in at checkout! 

If you have signed up to my newsletter you will receive an email every Thursday to let you know what the discount is for the week ahead, and if you follow me on Instagram you can also find out on there! 

Thanks a million for all your support this first week, I’m sorry to say that I’m now sold out of Silver and Gold in the Minis! Super limited amounts of the Rose Gold! 

Wishing you all health and happiness 💕

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