Introducing Piccolo!

Introducing Piccolo!

The eagle eyed returning to my website might have noticed a new addition to the page!

For a long time i've had the idea of making cards in my mind and recently i just thought, if not now-when?! Half way through a pandemic is the best time to start a new project...right?! 

Although having the extra time on my hands during the lock down back in March definitely planted the 'just do it' seed, its taken me a while to get it from my head to a real life product (i've realised this is very much how my creative process runs!)

Being eco conscious is a big deal to me and all cards are safely wrapped in a compostable sleeve and i've designed them with a multi purpose in mind. Anyone who follows me over @gracebutlerjewellery and watches my stories every day will know i absolutely love a quote and i try and post one daily! So these are designed to be both something lovely to send as a card and also cute enough to keep as a mini print! They fit perfectly inside a 6x4 frame and make a perfect and inexpensive addition to a gallery wall, small wall space or desk!

I have a billion ideas buzzing around my head and will be bringing out new designs so follow @piccolocardsandprints on Instagram for updates and sneak peeks of new and seasonal designs before they make it onto here!

As with my jewellery, 10% of the profit from each card will go to charity, but id love to share some love so i will be donating to various different charities throughout the year. Again, follow me on Instagram for more updates, but to begin with the charity i will be supporting is the amazing Trussel Trust who work with over 1200 food banks nationwide to help supply food to people who need it most. They are amazing!

Also, there will be free postage on the cards for a while so take advantage while you can! xx

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