New things coming in hot

New things coming in hot

It's been a while (again) but I'm just dropping in to let you guys know about some new things that are going to be showing up here.

First up are some Semi Precious Gemstone necklaces- these have been made with love, carefully curating some of my favourite semi precious gemstones, designed to deliver a punch with their healing properties ( if that's your vibe) and if it isn't, they look pretty gorgeous anyway.

They've all got a simple ring and bar clasp for ease of getting on and off and I am in love with them all! Check them out and let me know what you think!

I've also been dusting my paintbrushes off and spending some time reconnecting to my love of art so you might see some original pieces of Art up for sale along the way as well, as the canvases are already started to stack up from where I've been playing and there's only so much of your own art you can keep! 

Keep your eyes peeled and I'll try and be better at this blogging stuff, or sign up to my newsletters where I'm slightly better at keeping in touch and failing that, my Instagram where I'm trying to get better at posting! Too busy creating and all that, but I'm trying to be better! X 

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