Long drop Antler earrings in rose gold with the tips polished back to reveal the sterling silver underneath

Week three and the earrings are up!!

Firstly i just want to say how ridiculously happy it makes me to sell a piece, i will literally never get bored of it (and if im lucky enough that my phone is in a rare unsilent state, i even get a little cash register sound that goes off, which reeeallllyyy gets me excited!)

I'm super excited that there will be little Grace Butler Jewellery sized boxes under peoples trees, i wish i could be there to see their reactions but that would be a bit creepy i guess!! 

So this week, its the turn of the earrings to be in the spotlight! These guys aren't shy, they're designed to be deliberately different from each other, but absolutely stand out and are the ultimate antler statement earring!

I have small amounts of every option, so get in there quickly if you want to get a pair! Available in Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Rhodium!

Enter EARRINGS20 to get 20% off your order!

Grace xx

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